Welcome to Cut&Gain

CutandGain has been founded as a way to keep myself motivated within my own personal fitness goals, however, it is my goal to build a community of like minded people who can help support each other to make real changes in their lives.

Over the next few months we will be expanding this site however for now please look around and feel free to contact us, get involved and let us know how to improve the experience here.

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Meal Prep

Meal Prepping for Change

As I explained in my previous blog post. 2019 is going to be the year that I get back into training after coming out...
5 Myths about the Fitness Exercises

Recommended Products

We have added a recommended product section to the site. You can find this in the top menu. We will use this space to...
The Return

We are back! The Return, V2

Ok, so the site has been dormant for way too long. Completely my fault so I am sorry. At the beginningĀ of 2018, I suffered a...
Abdominal Exercises For Beginning Bodybuilders.

Cut and Gain 2018 Update and Plans

To start with I owe the site an apology and an explanation for the prolonged absence I have taken from posting and monitoring the...
Exciting Content is Coming 2018

Exciting Content is Coming in 2018…

There has not been an update to the Training Diary in a couple of days, first off I apologise for this. However, the lack...
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