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3 Tips for Women Who are Looking to Build Muscle!

Benefits of Stretching
Benefits of Stretching

Building muscle is not easy for women to do, but there are certain steps any woman can take to make her goals obtainable.

Interestingly, building muscle is not that different for women as it is for men!

The same basic rules apply, although there is a bit of a different strategy.

If you are a woman and you desire to build muscle, keep reading below!

Tip 1: Eat to Build Muscle!

Many women (and men) do not understand how much and what type of food they need to eat to build muscle as they desire. Some people understand that you need a lot of protein in your diet if you are going to build muscle, but that is only one part of the equation.

For women who want to build muscle, the biggest challenge is overcoming the fear of eating too much.

Women need to consume nearly 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, per day. Along with this, they need to have a complete and balanced diet so that other health issues do not arise as well.

One of the most important food groups for women is healthy dietary fats, because these are important for hormonal balance and control.

Foods such as nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, and legumes are excellent sources of protein and healthy fat together!

Regardless, it takes a lot of high-quality food to adequately build muscle!

Tip 2: Train the Big Muscles First!

One of the few positive aspects of the emergence of Instagram fitness models is that more people are falling in love with training their legs than ever before. Although this has made many women overly concerned with training their glutes only, it is at least a bit of a positive.

For women to build muscle, they need to concentrate on training compound exercises which work a lot of muscle groups.

Two excellent exercises for women are the squat and the deadlift. Not only do these work many muscles at once, they also stimulate testosterone and growth hormone production which is vital to building muscle throughout the body.

Men have the luxury of having more testosterone naturally, so they can often get away with training improperly. Women, on the other hand, need to be a bit more concentrated if they want to make huge gains.

The main focus is to not do too many isolation exercises. Whether you want bigger legs or arms, or better abs, doing isolation exercises is the slow way to achieve your goals.

Stick to big compound exercises and you will be much better off!

Tip 3: Use Muscle Building Supplements!

There are tons of supplements on the market, but most you can completely ignore. However, there are a few that are excellent for building muscle.

Thankfully, the supplements which are effective more for you are generally cheaper!

A few muscle building supplements for women are:

  • (BCAAs)

These supplements all have proven research backing their claims, and you can find them basically everywhere.

These supplements listed above are excellent because they help your muscles have more energy for training and help you recover better after training.

Another helpful product is a pre-workout with caffeine, but you can easily use coffee or espresso for this and have the same effect.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are interested in learning more about how women can build muscle and improve your physique, you should check out AnnaTargoniy.com!

It isn’t especially difficult for women to build muscle, it only takes a certain amount of effort and focus.

Using these tips listed above is an excellent guideline for any woman!

Remember, always focus on training big exercises and big muscles; it is vitally important. Eat large quantities of quality protein and healthy dietary fats, because these will fuel your muscle development. Lastly, supplement smart with cost-effective products!

If you follow these guidelines, I am confident you will build muscle effectively as you desire!


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