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Exciting Content is Coming in 2018…

Exciting Content is Coming 2018

There has not been an update to the Training Diary in a couple of days, first off I apologise for this. However, the lack of content on that series is due to how busy the work on the site has become.

So no excuses! the content will resume shortly and I will do a catchup of the Training Diary series so that you are able to keep up to date with what has been going on.

A few things to mention.


We have just opened up a partnership with BodyBuilding.com and will have some fantastic offers coming to our readers over the coming months.

Video Content

We have been putting ideas in place for our video content and have been brainstorming how we can put this into action.

Social Media

We are staying as active as possible with social media so please do make the effort to follow our channels to stay up to date.

If you have any feedback regarding the site. Please do come feel free to contact me to talk about it.

More to come very soon…


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