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The Return of Cut&Gain – Back For Keeps!

The Return
The Return

Ok, so a quick note on the subject just to fill in the gaps from the past 8 months. For those of you who are new to the site sorry about this post but it is mainly to explain to the old readers what happened to us over the past few months.

So originally Cut&Gain went live in May 2016. Things were great! We were growing steadily and really finding our pace with content and followers.

The initial problem occurred with some down time on our host, they had an issue with their server that was caused by us sharing server space with a website that managed to corrupt their network. As if that wasn’t bad enough – all of our backups of the site were also held on this server.

So, as you can imagine, we were basically shafted. Yes, it was our fault, and yes we should have had external backups – but we didn’t! Live and learn! Lesson learn, I assure you…

This all took place while I had a lot of personal things going on. On top of a change in role with my full time work and as such limited the time I was able to spend rebuilding the site.

During the re-build process I decided to completely change the direction of the website to make sure that we were not just another face in the crowd. I have re-worked the concept of Cut&Gain and have been working with some industry experts to really make sure that we have something special to offer.

First off we are going to be running 12 week programs, completely free! – you can join in with these at the time and we can work together to keep motivated, or they will remain online to go over at any point in the future.

The old articles and content will continue to be uploaded – however they will no longer be the core of the website or community. I am going to focus on providing information and plans that directly impact you. No longer will we just be providing information – we will provide motivation, support and guidance to ensure that we are working together to achieve goals.

For those who are returning – I thank you for your patients with the site, and for those new to the site I welcome you. Please take a moment to follow us on social media and get involved in making the community work for you.

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