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Training Diary Day 1 @TheGymNailsea

Weight Loss Diary Day 1

My goal for this diary is to keep track of my progress over the next few months with my first experiences of using a public gym.

Starting Weight: 78.9kg

Goal: 72kg

I have been waiting eagerly over the past few months for @TheGym to open up right next door to my work. Today 09/10/2017 was the official opening day.

I arrived at 9:15 am and was met with a warm welcome from the staff. I was shown around the gym and given instruction on the equipment. A lot of the equipment was completely new to me as my previous gym experience was strictly limited to cardio and CrossFit.

After discussing my goals I was given a bit of programming for the next couple of days.

Day 1 – Chest/Back

1 Set – Press-up to failure – 23 reps

3 Sets/10 Reps – Dumbell Press – Flat Bench – 7.5kg / 10kg / 12.5kg

3 Sets/10 Reps – Dumbell Press – Incline Bench (37.5″ incline) – 7.5kg / 10kg / 12.5kg

3 Sets/10 Reps – Lat Pull-Down – Wide Grip – 30 / 40 / 60

3 Sets/10 Reps – Lat Pull-Down – Closed Grip – 40 / 50 / 60

3 Sets/10 Reps – Seated Row – 40 / 50 / 60

Rest times between sets: 1min

Finish with 20mins treadmill.

Calories burnt: 544 (according to Fitbit charge 2)

Time: 54mins

I actually found this workout pretty easy, however, as discussed with the staff – until I have played around with the kit and found my weight limits it may be a bit of hit and miss.

If you live locally I highly recommend that you check out this gym, the staff are great and the facilities are amazing!

Check out their facebook page here

Tomorrow I will be doing cardio conditioning! wish me luck.

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