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Training Diary Day 2 @TheGymNailsea

Weight Loss Diary Day 2

Ok, so. Today’s workout was mainly focused on conditioning and engine building. After yesterdays chest and back session it was good to get my heart pumping and really focus on burning some calories.

Cardio Conditioning Day:

10mins Treadmill Jog / Speed 8.5 3mins cooldown.

5 mins Curve treadmill – 45 seconds running at a steady jog, 15 seconds sprint intervals.

5 mins Air Bike – 40 seconds at a steady pace, 20 seconds sprint intervals.

Leg Press – 3 Sets / 10 Reps – 40kg / 70kg / 80kg

Calf Raises – 3 Sets / 10 Reps – 20kg / 20kg / 20kg

Sled Push (using the big sled – push 10 meters using wide handles – then back with power handles. – 3 Sets Sled Weight / +15kg / +20kg

10mins Treadmill Jog / Speed 8.5 3mins cooldown.

Workout Stats:

Total Time: 68 mins

Calories Burnt (according to Fitbit charge 2): 716

Average BPM: 129 BPM

Compared to yesterday where I came away feeling that I could have pushed a little harder, today’s¬†workout was a killer. However, I am glad that I did it and can’t wait for tomorrows session.

I am going to try to incorporate more video footage into these blogs to try and make it a little more engaging. Please take a moment to subscribe to my youtube channel.

Overall, I am feeling pretty good after the past 2 days training. DOMS from chest and back day are minimal, however, as I explained in yesterdays post I felt like I played it a bit safe with that workout.

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