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Training Diary Day 3 @TheGymNailsea

Weight Loss Diary Day 3

Today I decided to have an entire upper body training day – this was because I felt I could have gone a lot harder on Monday and really wanted to put some real effort in. Since tomorrow will be a leg day I figured killing my upper body might be an effective use of today’s time.

Upper Body Day:

10mins Treadmill Jog / Speed 8.5 3mins cooldown.

Air Bike – 5mins 40secs steady pace 20secs sprint – I have decided to put this into every work out as I sucked so hard on it yesterday my theory is that if you are bad at something to keep pushing until you do better.

BarBell Curls – 3 sets / 10 reps – 15kg/25kg/30kg

Dumbell Shoulder Press – 3 sets / 10 reps – 10kg/12.5kg/15kg

Row- 3 sets / 10 reps – 40/50/60

Bent-over row – 3 sets / 10 reps – 20kg/30kg/40kg

Tricept Press – 3 sets / 10 reps – 20/30/40

Peck fly – 3 sets / 10 reps – 20/30/40

10mins Treadmill Jog / Speed 8.5 3mins cooldown.

Workout Stats:

Total Time: 115 mins

Calories Burnt (according to Fitbit charge 2): 863

Average BPM: 112 BPM


I think today was ok, however, it was not structured. I kinda turned up at the gym, did my run then decided what to do. I am going to try and make sure that I always have a plan of action for my workouts before I hit the gym.

That being said – I am pretty tired so here’s to tomorrow!

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