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Training Diary Day 4 @TheGymNailsea

Weight Loss Diary Day 4 @TheGymNailsea
Weight Loss Diary Day 4 @TheGymNailsea

After yesterdays mix of a workout, I decided that I needed a bit more preparation before I actually got to the gym.

After some rooting around online, I decided to download bodybuiling.com’s bodyspace app and start one of the highly recommended programs through the app.

I decided I would do Kris Gethin’s Hardcore Daily Trainer. For more information see here: Kris Gethin’s Hardcore Daily Trainer

The first workout of this plan was leg day…

Leg Day

13 mins Jogging Treadmill

Leg Press – 7 Sets / 10 Reps: 40kg / 40kg / 80kg / 80kg / 60kg / 40kg / 40kg

Seated Curl – 5 Sets / 15 Reps: 30kg / 30kg / 40kg / 30kg / 20kg

Hack Squat – 5 Sets / 10 Reps: 40kg / 60kg / 60kg / 60kg / 60kg

Walking Lunge – 5 Sets 10m: 15kg / 15kg / 15kg / 15kg /15kg

13 mins Jogging Treadmill


Although I will be making some small modifications to the plan to fit the gym I am feeling positive about this plan. After seeing some of the results that people have managed to achieve I am confident that it will keep pushing me to progress.

Tomorrow is Chest/Triceps – let’s see how we get on!

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