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Training Diary Day 7 @TheGymNailsea

Weight Loss Diary Day 7 @TheGymNailsea
Weight Loss Diary Day 7 @TheGymNailsea

Today is day 7 and the end of my first week training. Day 6 was a rest day so there was very little to report. In fact, there was probably a little too much rest, really I did very little.

Anyway, Sunday morning. I was up bright and early and headed over to the gym for opening time.

Today’s workout:

Back and Biceps

20mins Treadmill Jog warm-up

Underhand Cable Pull-downs – 4 sets / 10 Reps – 30kg / 50kg / 60kg

Bent Over Row – 4 sets / 10 Reps – 10kg / 20kg /25kg

Hyper-extensions – 3 sets / 10 Reps – Body-weight

Straight-Arm Pull Down – 7 sets / 10 Reps – 10kg / 15kg / 15kg / 15kg/ 15kg / 15kg / 15kg

Bicep Curls – 5 sets / 10 Reps – 5kg / 10kg / 15kg / 17.5kg / 17.5kg

Dumbbell Alternate Curls – 3 sets 10 Reps  – 10kg / 12.5kg / 12.5kg

40mins Treadmill Jog

Todays workout was a really nice way to start the day and I am glad that I planned to get up and just get it done.

Cardio at the end was a breeze and although I initially intended to do 10mins cool-down I ended up running 5km on the treadmill.

Until tomorrow…

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