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Training Diary Day 8 @TheGymNailsea

Weight Loss Diary Day 8 @TheGymNailsea
Weight Loss Diary Day 8 @TheGymNailsea

Day 8 Training, well…..

Ok, so I haven’t spent an awful lot of time talking about the impact of training on the schedule that I have been or how it is impacting me. This is mainly because I have actually found it very easy to ease into this first week.

Until today, I will be honest I hit a bit of a brick wall with training today and I need to take a hard look to address what went wrong and look at how to improve for the next few weeks.

I have a feeling that I entered today’s training without enough calories in my system and after a long day at work. I finished the session and got through it, but it was punishing! I was gassed on the final cardio and even cut it short to 7mins jogging vs yesterday where I was happy to go on for 40mins+.

I am going to write a separate blog post to go more in depth on this subject, but for now, I will highlight my workout:


Treadmill Jogging – 13mins Warmup

Seated Barbell Military Press – 5 Sets / 10 Reps – 15kg / 15kg / 20kg / 25kg / 25kg

Side Lateral Raise – 4 Sets / 10 Reps – 5kg / 10kg / 5kg / 10kg / 12.5kg

Upright Barbell Row –  3 sets / 10 Reps – 15kg / 20kg / 25kg

Situp – 30 reps

Airbike – 5mins – 40secs normal pace 20 secs sprint  (this is still killing me!)

500m row

Treadmill Jogging – 7mins – was going for 13mins but was pretty much dead by this point…

This was far from an easy workout – however, I’m not sure that it was a more intense than my other workouts.

Time to refuel and check nutrition. Tomorrow is an active rest day, so something very light before legs on Wednesday.

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